Brand Story & Corporate Design

by: Shaleen Wohrnitz 

People respond to a good story. Be it a juicy bit of gossip filled with humour or scandal, to a classic or fairytale. They tend to find a point in that story that they can agree with or relate to.

The same applies to a business. Its story creates a level of interest and agreement from a prospective client, and may encourage him to buy.

I am talking about your Brand Story. When a prospective client hears a rags to riches story, he may feel confident that engaging with you will be of benefit to him.

A restaurant that has a kids play space and a comfortable eating area for grownups, created by the owners who could never go out to dinner with their children, will get the attention of other parents. That would be the starting point of that brand story.

A pizza business which has been around for decades makes for a great brand story. You can talk about the origins of that business, handed down generation after generation. Then the pizza recipe that is never shared with anyone outside the family, which came across the Atlantic with your great, great grandmother, will attract interest. All the fresh ingredients, nothing out of cans, nothing synthetic: fresh garlic, herbs, home grown tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. You will almost hear their mouths watering! Build on that story and make it known. Word of mouth alone will bring new clients, who like the story, but who are looking for good food. People will go the extra mile for pizza like that!

Using the brand story in a marketing campaign will create a lot of interest, especially if you add a good discount or special offer or a prize in a lucky draw etc.

Having symbols or logos which identify your business is important. It contributes to your overall image and is how people know it’s you. An example of this is cars – you know them by their logo or badge.

You can recognize any of the big brands just by looking at their logos. It distinguishes them. It also brings about a level of loyalty. You see people wearing Nike and they are being faithful to that brand.

BMW fans will never wear a jacket with another car brands logo.

It is vital to be identified in the marketplace. Your product quality, your level of service, your ability to deliver what you promise are vital. Keeping clients once you’ve gotten their interest relies on maintaining these points and continuing to do better.

Your brand story can be part of any campaign you run. Want to get more customers in by handing out vouchers or freebies, then you have to fit that in with the story, which gets their interest and gets them in the door.

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