Marketing Funnels

The emergence of Digital Marketing and Social Media has brought on a host of new terms that seem to be very new and confusing. One of these is: The Marketing Funnel. However, the simple truth of it is that Marketing Funnels have been around for over 100 years already. In fact, the first ever mentioned funnel was created in 1898!

Simply put, a marketing funnel is the means of locating people who have some interest in the services or goods you or your company have to offer and to bring this slight interest up to the level of (some kind of) reach in your direction. Let’s take the example of a Pizza Restaurant. Many people like to eat pizza, but how do you get them to order from your restaurant? After all, there may be 25 other restaurants in your town.

In the past we relied on an entry in the Yellow Pages and distribution of flyers and sometimes we would run (rather costly) ads in the newspaper. But today we have a variety of ways to achieve the same result.

Today, we have the internet and all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more, that reach larger numbers of people than ever imagined.

The marketing funnel starts with your presence out there, either physically or on the internet, with people becoming aware of you, being interested in your product or service. Adverts and billboards amongst other things, create a presence for your business.

The next phase is to pull that interest into wanting to buy. This would involve a promotional action, a gimmick, a ‘Buy Now’ of some sort. This can be done via your website, an email campaign, Facebook campaign including ads. This builds your email database which is vital for your business.

What follows is people buying! And that’s what the funnel is intended to cause.

Of course, once this cycle is complete, one starts again.

What should be clear is that the actions that make up your marketing funnel are not a once off thing. A successful marketing funnel is based on continuous activity via your website, your social media accounts and your online advertising.